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About my work

As an artist I work from my own personal experiences and memories, in which the relationship between the human body and the landscape is a constantly recurring theme.
Thoughts and theories do not manifest themselves during my long walks through the desolate landscapes of the Sahara. Everything is about acting practically and sensory perceptions. It is those sensory experiences that are the inspiration for my sculptures.
Memories of the wide landscapes and the farmer's life of my youth in the countryside, are also often a part in my work.
I give my images a skin, often made of textile, that is seductive, sensual and provocative. Or a skin that is very earthy. A skin that stimulates the senses and is not experienced in a rational sense but rather emotionally.
Driven by curiosity, creating my artworks is like a challenging journey. For a new object, the starting point often lies in an older work. The location where the work is shown has also influence.
I feel a relationship with land art, arte povera, but also with romantic principles.
The human, the cultivated, seeks connection with nature with its indescribable powers and properties.

My studio is located in the former fire station at Nieuwe Achtergracht 64 Amsterdam and overlooks the back of the Carré theater. From the street side, the developments of my work can be followed through the large windows of the former entrance gates. You are always welcome when I am present. You can also make an appointment via 0625025152 (or app) Several times a year I organize an exhibition with other artists in my studio, under the name Studio NA 64.

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